EMI & Cash Collection Service

Become cash or EMI collection center of your location and increase your monthly income. Get commission on collecting cash or EMI installment for various NBFCs and institutions.

Become a Retailer and Earn upto Rs.1 Lakh per month.

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Awesome Features of Cash Collection

Cash Collection service has numerous benefits which makes it one among the best business solutions.

40+ Partners

Customers and collection agents can deposit EMIs for 40+ partners at your store and you get commission on every transaction.

24/7 Operational

Customers can deposit EMI against their loan whenever they want, no need to wait at long ques in NBFC’s offices.

Increase Footfall

With cash management services you enjoy more foot falls at your store, it helps you in getting more revenue from other services.

Seamless Settlement

Whether it is outside of banking hours or on public holidays, cash management services allow you to quickly convert physical cash into digital cash.

Quick Fund Settlement

The service is directly lined to partner’s server; the bill gets quickly settled whenever any customer makes any cash deposit against any EMI.

Safe & Secure

Digital payments are conducted over encrypted and safe mechanisms, thus ensuring conversion of cash from physical to digital remains genuinely secure.

EMI & Cash Collection Partners

Axell Money has integrated with 70+ NBFCs, Financial Institutions and E-Commerce companies for whom cash can be collected at Axell Money stores.

Cash Deposit in ICICI Bank Accounts

A unique business opportunity by Axell Money wherein you can accept cash deposits for ICICI Bank account holders and earn commission on every transaction.